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Data Engineer (M/F/D)

I am a Data Engineer.
What is your superpower?

As a DATA ENGINEER for our team, I am a key player in delivering real impact in digitizing the travel experience of numerous clients of the Lufthansa Group. I have an engineering mindset and love to work in agile teams to develop together the next era of digitally enhanced travelling.


What I’ll do:

  • I design, develop and operate the Data/ML pipelines for the digital products created by the Digital Hangar
  • I collaborate with Data Scientists in order to design and develop ML systems
  • I establish and execute processes to operate and maintain ML solutions (MLOps), including training, validation and deployment of ML models
  • I establish and execute processes to monitor data availability, integrity, and quality
  • I collaborate with Data Architects and Data Scientists regarding the development of Data/ML pipelines, its maintenance and optimization
  • I explore and analyze data and communicate relevant insights to stakeholders
  • I plan and implement data-related tasks in user stories
  • I closely align with business and management teams to assess business needs
  • I work pragmatically and support my team to deliver high quality solutions with speed
  • I work in an international environment with a diverse team


What I’ll need.

  • I have at least 2 years of experience as a Data/ML Engineer
  • Experience in working in cross-functional teams in an agile environment
  • Experience in design, development, and coding (Python, Scala, machine learning, natural language processing etc.) as well as testing and debugging of commercial data pipelines
  • Strong knowledge of Spark, SQL, and cloud platforms
  • Knowledge of data storage and ETL design patterns
  • Knowledge of Databricks, Azure Data Factory, and Azure ML Studio a plus
  • Ambition to master and not being intimidated by unstructured data and large datasets
  • Willingness to share my knowledge and promote cooperation both in a team and across teams
  • Willingness to expand my comfort zone by sometimes leaving it
  • Very good command of English language



Who I am.

  • Self-starter – I don’t wait for others to get started. My self-driven attitude is my natural energy booster
  • Inventor – I am excited about the opportunity to break new ground by deriving solutions from collected data and bringing them into action in a fast-changing environment
  • Experimenter – I have an experimentation mindset and am able to formulate hypotheses and test them with the right data
  • Brave – No matter how complex the dataset is, my strength is to experiment with different solutions and identify the underlying pattern as well as to derive recommendations
  • Collaborative – I love to share my knowledge and to engage with others
  • Data-driven – Data is what is running in my veins. I do not drown in numbers, rather stay afloat and control the tide, steering towards improved solutions together with my team
  • Travel Enthusiast – I love to take a huge part in making the travel experience of Lufthansa Groups customers as smooth as possible
Woman at the whiteboard with coloured notes on it

It’s not just a job. It’s a package of so much more.

Flight Benefits

that enable me to fly around the world with friends and family in Lufthansa Group Airlines.


from my team lead and peers, incl. mentoring and an individual development plan.

Relocation Package

For me and my family, incl. support in visa and official matters.

Hybrid work

gives me flexibility to create my workday however it fits my needs – at the office with my teammates or at home.

Unique atmosphere

In the greatest team, with a start-up spirit, integrated into the largest European airline group to revolutionize travel.

Employee benefits

attractive benefits from a partner network with >15 partners for discounts, memberships and much more.