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SRE and Application Manager (M/F/D)

I am anSRE and Application Manager!
What is your superpower?

As a SRE & APPLICATION MANAGER for our team, I am a key player in delivering real impact in digitizing the travel experience of numerous clients of the Lufthansa Group. I design, implement and continuously improve our operations setup to make sure our customers always have a great experience.


What I’ll do.

  • I work with my team to master our products complexity towards operational excellence.
  • I focus on our critical user journeys and together with the product or platform owner, define respective Service Level Objectives (SLO).
  • I ensure compliance with SLOs and documentation (daily business).
  • I implement monitoring capabilities to get observability.
  • I ensure products and services are going through non-functional testing.
  • I facilitate and track post-mortems for (major) incidents and outages.
  • I integrate support providers and ensure proper maintenance of third-party products.
  • I foster excellence in the engineering teams in points of security, scalability, and reliability.
  • I turn the solutions into repeatable actions (automation).
  • I am available for on-call duty.


What I’ll need.

  • At least 2 years of experience as a SRE or in Operations.
  • Experience
    • with logging and monitoring systems like the ELK stack or Elastic Cloud.
    • in different coding or scripting languages such as Python, Shell, Java or .Net.
    • with Infrastructure as Code (Terraform) and Containerization (e.g., Azure AKS, Kubernetes).
    • with API based architectures.
  • Knowledge in common processes of agile software development, DevOps principles and ITIL.
  • Good knowledge of networks and cloud computing.
  • Ability to manage multiple incidents / changes simultaneously.
  • Deep understanding of different stakeholders’ needs and can provide and communicate different technical solutions.
  • The ability to take important decisions with high impact in a short period of time.
  • Very good command of English language.


Who I am.

  • Self-starter – I do not wait for others to get started. My self-driven attitude is my natural energy booster.
  • Entrepreneur – I am a visionary and I am focused on the current challenges at the same time, I love to make decisions with sounding of experts and maximize the outcome of the organization.
  • Servant leader – I enjoy a diverse portfolio of people around me and excel in communicating effectively while maintaining close relationships.
  • People minded – I love to empower people and make them successful.
  • Curious – When I engage with something new, I am eager to quickly understand and structure it clearly, for my own personal understanding and for the people around me.
  • Brave – No matter how complex the situation, my strength is to experiment with different solutions and to learn continuously from the feedback.
  • Travel Enthusiast – I love to take a huge part in making the travel experience of Lufthansa Groups customers as smooth as possible.
Woman at the whiteboard with coloured notes on it

It’s not just a job. It’s a package of so much more.

Flight Benefits

flying around the world with friends and family in Lufthansa Group Airlines.


from my team lead and peers, incl. mentoring and an individual development plan.

Relocation Package

in case I have to move for me and my family, incl. support in visa and official matters.

Hybrid work

mobile office and flexible working hours.

Unique atmosphere

in the greatest team, with a start-up spirit, integrated into the largest European airline group to revolutionize travel.

Employee benefits

attractive benefits from a partner network with >15 partners for discounts, memberships and much more.